What We’re All About

Best breakfast restaurants in Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Valencia, and Ventura

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Eggs ‘N’ Things Restaurants fill a great need in our communities.  We have become the top choice for locals to come enjoy a quality breakfast at an affordable price — and — with a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Who eats here?

Eggs ‘N’ Things Restaurants are very popular in each of our communities that we serve.  There are many groups of customers that come here and enjoy a great breakfast and lunch:

  • Families, large and small
  • Valencia Server bringing breakfast

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  • Friends, we’ve even become popular even with the college aged friends.
  • Business people meeting to discuss business over lunch or breakfast.
  • Couples
  • Kids love us too!  (Especially the Swedish pancakes)

About our service

Our people are a large part of why our customers keep coming back year after year, decade after decade.  We hire and keep friendly, helpful people that truly enjoy their jobs.  All of our staff is attentive to your needs and strive to provide you with a warm, friendly atmosphere.

About our food quality

We are sticklers for reliably high quality food using the freshest ingredients.  Each day we receive the ingredients for the day.  We demand high quality ingredients that are the freshest they can be from our vendors.  We only want you to see fresh lettuce for your salad, fresh bread for your toast, and yummy fruit for your waffles!

A word about consistency

Pancakes with fresh strawberries

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We know you don’t want to have to worry about having a high quality meal each time you come in to one of our restaurants.  For decades we have been providing high quality breakfast and lunch that you can depend on to be high quality each time.  This is a very important goal in all of our restaurants.